Run Training Guide

It's great to be joining you on your 2020 journey!

Success as an endurance athlete is challenging. It demands commitment,  determination, hard work and even a sense of humour - what else will keep you sane on a cold wet winter night as you set off on that training run.

For most of us, we've got about four months before the start of the race season. We aim to help you use that time wisely and effectively to produce those Personal Bests we are all seeking.

The usual approach, adopted by most of your competition is to keep trying to go longer and faster each time they go out. Much of their time is spent doing what professionals call "junk miles". The sessions you will find in the guide are designed to have you training like a pro.

Race Fitness is a blend of many different factors; strength, endurance, power, agility, cardio and muscular as well as speed. You get that by training in a focused, calibrated way. The sessions will begin by concentrating on laying the foundations, then gradually the focus will change with a greater accent on building speed.

But success also demands: 

  • The right mindset
  • Good nutrition
  • Effective recovery
  • Avoiding injury (and recovering from it)

You will find articles on all of these in the guide; don't ignore them they really will make the difference.

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