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Pursuit of Speed

Pursuing Speed

Team Savage

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Training Proportions Jun SepTraining Sessions

We are now fully into the race season. The accent is definately on speed but we must also ensure we maintain endurance and have the power for hills and breakaway moves.

10K Sessions

Half Marathon

Recovery YogaActive Recovery

Recovery is usually related to a certain period without exercise, while activity is completely opposite. However, a recent study showed that...    Read more

Desert RunDealing with the Heat

We are not really used to running in high temperatures and it poses special challenges and some dangers! Learn how to prepare for it.

 Read more


Mindfulness sounds a bit "New Age" but it can bring incremental benefits to both training and racing.. Find out why and how? Read more  

GaitRun Technique

We all know how to run, don't we? We've been doing it since we were toddlers. But many (most?)  of us have a technique that costs us speed and energy and risks injury? We have a brief introduction to the science.  Read more


These articles are designed to ensure you can get the most from your training. You may want to refer to them on a regular basis.

Borg Scale

Borg Picture

Dr Gunnar Borg, who created the scale, set it to run from 6 to 20 as a simple way to estimate heart rate. Read more...

BMR Calculator

Chicken Salad

Eating the right amount of the right food is a Critical Success Factor. Do you know how much you need? Calculate it here...



Water balance affects performance more than any other nutrient. It is also true that most of us fail to drink enough water. Read more...



Just what do all these technical terms mean? See our glossary here.


Warmup Flames

A good warm-up will not only help to reduce injury but will help you train harder for longer. Read more...


Cool down

Proper cooling down helps effective recovery. It removes lactic acid and other metabolic by-products, relaxes the muscles... Read more...

Recovery Sessions

nature forest walking girl

Recovery days do not mean you do nothing. Here are 5 sessions that are gentle but will produce more efficient training better training... Read more...

Dynamic Stretching


Stretching during warm-up helps to prevent injury, in your cooldown routine, it promotes recovery. Watch the video

User Guide

Athlete ReadingS

Read the user guide! It is very short but it will help to ensure you get the most out of the guide. Read more...

Where are you now?

Self Awareness S

A self-assessment questionaire to help you reflect on your training. Read more...

Perceived Exertion

RPE with HR S

Train to your heart rate without a heart rate monitor. Read more...


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