Is your stroke as good as it could be?

Swimming is a highly technical sport where small changes make big differences.

It is difficult for the swimmer to spot their own faults which is where a good coach is important. Unfortunately, even a good coach cannot see everything that is going on under the water.

Which is where a video analysis comes in.

The ability not only to see the swimmer's action but also to slow it down and watch it frame by frame makes it possible to identify precisely the changes the swimmer needs to make. A good coach can then provide the drills that will help to correct the stroke and engrain the muscle memory that will make the new stroke pattern "natural".

Spending lots of time training hard, developing power and endurance is fine but if the muscles aren't moving your body the right way the time and effort are largely wasted.

Video analysis sessions

If you would like your stroke analysed let us know. We need to get a few swimmers lined up for a session because setting up takes time. Videoing can be done at West Hill Park School or Basingstoke Aquadrome. Let us know by phone or email if you are interested.